Hi there! We’re so happy to have you here!

View of a couple in Easter Island, with Rano Kau crater in the background
A bit of fun on Easter Island

We’re Michal and Kristine, a Slovak-Latvian wanderlustful couple who created Wanderlust Designers.

Our mission in life is to help people just like us – those with full-time jobs – follow their travel dreams and inspire them to discover our beautiful and diverse world.

We want to spice up your journeys with unique and authentic experiences that create lasting memories, and also to provide you with valuable tips and advice on how to plan their trips.

On our website, you’ll find lots of information on planning vacations. We provide itineraries and travel guides for specific destinations; tips on how to get around – whether it be renting a car or using public transport; where to stay; packing lists; inspiring stories and much more.

Besides that, we’ve started providing Gift guides as well. We know how hard it is to find gifts for people who love travel, so we wanted to help you out as much as we could!

How did we meet?

Love is in the air – so goes the song – and for us, it is true even literally.

We met in Dec 2014 in an airplane and since then, we’ve been flying through life together.

On the wings of Boeings and Airbuses, and also on the wings of love and friendship, passion and adventure.

Met in the air, had our first date in Latvia, got married in Italy, and residing (currently, shall we say…) in Slovakia – that’s us, Kristine and Michal.

Kristine is the cheerful, optimistic and sometimes impatient Latvian who loves the warmth and comfort of a home and Michal makes her travel.

Michal is the calm and thoughtful Slovak who doesn’t like sitting at home and whom Kristine made do this blog. Opposites certainly do attract! 

What have we done since then – and how do we travel?

View of a couple enjoying their canyoing tour in Costarica
Canyoning in Costa Rica

Since we’ve met, we’ve experienced quite a bit. We looked lovingly into the eyes of each other and we also stared right into the stream of hot lava.

We hopped into a Jacuzzi under a starry night but we also jumped in the ocean and snorkeled with manta rays.

We stepped across the edge of the cliff and abseiled waterfalls in a jungle but we also stepped out of our comfort zone.

A bit of adventure always adds the right kick to our travels.  

We slept in a salt hotel and ate a raw sea urchin and watched the dancing northern lights.

a salt hotel in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Salt hotel in Bolivia

We also experienced an earthquake, got altitude sickness and spent our first night in romantic Hawaii in an anti-romantic emergency room of a hospital.

We’re two utterly clumsy explorers, one with a full-time job, who love to admire the beauty, enjoy the adventure and experience the uniqueness.

Because this is what creates wonderful lasting memories, and those are the best things about travelling.

And that’s why we love to do it! 

And as of the 24th of June 2019, we’re joined by Emma – a little girl with a big personality. Although still young, she’s already very curious about the world around her and is keen to explore.

So, as we’re learning how to travel with a youngster, we’ll be sharing our experiences and best tips with you as well.  

What’s so special about the way we travel?

View of a couple on a boat in Cinque Terre, Italy
Enjoying Cinque Terre in Italy

Unlike most of the bloggers out there, we don’t travel full-time. Since Michal has a full-time job, we only use the vacation days and off-days that he has available to explore the world around us.

Another thing is, we plan our trips so that we enjoy both cities and nature.

One day we enjoy a great restaurant, the next day we’re having a picnic in the mountains.
One day we put on a snorkel, and the next day the hiking shoes.
One day we ride a horse, the next day we ride a Shinkansen.
One day we throw in some active movement, the next day we might just relax in a wellness.

This way allows us to experience a country or a place in different ways and makes for lots of great and diverse experiences.

By the end of our trips, we typically have a heap of dirty laundry, a bunch of full memory cards, and loads of memories that (usually) make us say – wow, what an amazing time we’ve had!

If this sort of travelling sounds attractive to you, then Wanderlust Designers is here for you!

We truly hope you find our blog useful and entertaining. Thanks for stopping by and we wish you happy travels! 

Kristine, Michal, and Emma 🙂