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Amazon Prime Early access Sale and its deals are here!

Each year, and sometimes even twice a year, Amazon Prime Days come. This means – tons and tons of items that you can get for extra good prices. And – Amazon Prime Day 2022 is almost here!

And now, in

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When is Amazon Prime day in 2022?

The first Amazon Prime Day of 2022 was in July already, but now, the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is among us!

It’s gonna be just now, in October, on the 11th and 12th.

There are going to be huge sales on electronics, fashion, home, kitchen, pets, toys, and Amazon devices. Exciting!

How can I access the deals during Amazon Prime day?

To access the deals, you need to sign up for Amazon Prime.

It’s Prime days, which means the deals are exclusive to members only.

At the moment of writing this article, there are two types of deals for Prime.

If you’re not sure that you’d enjoy Prime after the prime days have gone, sign up for a free 30-day trial.   

If you know that you’ll want to keep the Prime for at least a few months (it really is a cool thing to have), sign up for the special offer where you get Amazon Prime for just 7,49$ a month for the first three months! (For US amazon only, though, it seems).

Anyways, after making your account, all of the best deals will be just at your fingertips.

What are the best deals?

self-catering holiday packing list
I need new bags for travelling, for example

Anything from books to devices, crayons to first aid kit items.

Well, there are thousands of deals available really.

So, listing them all would be impossible! And anyways, most of them come and go.

There definitely are deals on amazon devices including kindle.

I’ve seen coffee machines on sale as well!

And don’t forget the Apple airpods!

Otherwise, if you have anything on your wishlist right now, make sure to check it regularly for the best deals!

If you feel a bit lost right now, check out the packing list articles or the gift guides for items that you might like!

What will I be looking out for during Prime days?

Well, I need a new laptop, so right now I’ll be checking if maybe Apple Macbook Pro will have a good discount.  Or maybe the Samsung Galaxy Book, I haven’t decided yet.

Then there’s a new camera lens for Michal. He has a landscape lens for his Nikon, but I’d like to get him a portrait one as well.

Then there are, of course, new suitcases for travelling – we have some samsonite already, but one of them is way too huge and the other one just not big enough.

And backpacks for cabin luggage – the ones we have now, again, are just an inconvenient size for the airplane.

That’s not the full list, of course, but I think you get the idea. So many of the expensive things are on sale right now, it just makes sense to check it out!

In conclusion

Use the prime day discounts, people!

Just make sure to read reviews before buying.

And – check out that the seller is reliable.

Otherwise, enjoy the deals!

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