Blogging Fast Lane review: Did it help me grow?

Since you’re reading a Blogging Fast Lane review, you’re probably wondering if the Blogging Fast Lane accelerator is the right one for you.

And I understand you – there is a huge amount of blogging courses out there, so it’s not an easy choice to make.

There are many resources bloggers use – social media scheduling, keyword research, and many, many other tools, most of which cost quite a bit of money.

This course, though, has been one of my best investments ever, and in this Blogging Fast Lane review I’ll explain why, as well as what the course covers and what you can expect if you do sign up for it.

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What is the Blogging Fast Lane?

First, let me actually quickly tell you what the Blogging Fast Lane is.

Blogging fast lane workbooks

It’s a course by Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers, the owners and bloggers of the very successful adventure travel blog Adventure in You.

This course helps you take your blog to the next level and helps you make a full-time income from blogging.

It gives you actual field-tested and proven-to-work strategies on how to create a successful blog.

Why I decided to purchase the Blogging Fast Lane course

While we were living in Italy, I had quite a bit of free time and somehow wound up thinking about blogging. I found out that you can actually make money while blogging, so I got interested and decided to do some research on it.

While googling, Anna and Tom’s “Start a blog and make money” course came up. It showed how to start a blog in 5 days and the basics of monetizing it.

I decided, before actually investing in hosting and everything, to actually try out writing articles. While I was doing this, they announced that there will be a paid course that will show actual steps on how to monetize a blog!

Seeing how much valuable information Anna and Tom were happy to give out FOR FREE, I didn’t have any doubts that the paid course will be packed with valuable information.

And guess what, I was right.

What does the Blogging Fast Lane cover?

The course covers everything from starting a blog from scratch already as a business to how to automate what you can so that you don’t have to spend all your time blogging.

There are modules on how to set the blog up and get to grips with WordPress (if you choose it), modules on SEO, affiliate and trust marketing and so much more!

Each of the modules contains resources to help you on your journey. The lessons are in video format with presentations and actual tutorials where Anna shows things how she does them.

There are Blogging Fast Lane workbooks for each of the modules, where you can do lessons and exercises to really apply the knowledge of the course to your specific blog.

Some of my favourite things are the motivational bumps that help you when you’re feeling down or distracted or, well, unmotivated, and the Roadmap which helps to keep me on track on this blogging journey when I start to try and do everything at the same time.

Plus, of course, there’s the Fast Lane accelerator Facebook group. It’s an active community of Fastlaners where you can always ask questions, ask for advice, and get both Tom and Anna, as well as the members, to help you when needed.

Who is the Blogging Fast Lane for?

The Blogging Fast Lane course is right for you if you are serious about making your blog a business and making money blogging.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch and not even really sure what you want to blog about or if you’re a blogger already but have struggles such as bringing in constant traffic or revenue.

There are pitstops and lessons that are specific for new and experienced bloggers. It just makes sure that no one is left behind and that there are resources available that are applicable in different stages of the journey.

What would I gain as a beginner blogger?

For beginner bloggers, Blogging Fast Lane will help you set up a blog with a proper niche, focus, and strategies. It will teach you such important things as SEO, keyword research and more, but also help you keep going when you’re not feeling so sure about everything.

All of the lessons are made in such a way that, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of the subjects that are taught, you will still understand everything.

And, you don’t have to have a blog to start this course. If you do, that’s sometimes a plus. Other times, I’ve seen members actually abandon their old blogs and create everything from scratch implementing what they’ve learnt.

What would I gain as an experienced blogger?

For experienced bloggers, you’ll probably already know some of the things that are thought. But!

There are so many things in the Fast Lane accelerator course that will help you improve your blog – content audits to drive more traffic, how to create an engaged email list, how to make a full-time income from affiliate marketing, being some of them.

But the biggest gain, I think, is to get strategies to grow the passive income streams.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to go over the basics that you’ve learnt before to refresh your knowledge.

What niche does the Blogging Fast Lane course cover?

You might be thinking that, since Anna and Tom have a travel blog, you have to have a travel blog as well to join the Blogging Fast Lane.

Most of the Fast Lane bloggers are in different travel niches, but there are many, many more covered as well.

There are food, lifestyle, health, self-help, and so many other niches covered in the Fast Lane community.

So, it doesn’t matter what you want to blog about, as long as you are passionate about the topic.

How long does the course take?

The course is set in 8 week-long blocks, plus 7 days to launch your blog if you’re starting from scratch.

During this time, you work on the business side of things, e-mail marketing, work on posting your articles, and everything else to set up a successful blogging business.

But there is no one to sit next to you and tell you – STUDY! It’s not school, no one is controlling how much time you spend on it.

So, if you want to finish the first weeks of lessons in a few days? Sure!

Want to take a month to finish just a few lessons? Why not!

And you can go back and rewatch some videos or completely skip others if they’re not applicable to you.

You control everything!

Plus, you have lifetime access to the Blogging Fast Lane course and the updates, so no worries about not remembering something – you can just go back and rewatch.

You have to understand, though, that if you don’t have that much time to work on the blog, it will take longer for it to become successful and for the income to start flowing in.

Overall, if you implement all the strategies and follow the roadmap, you can see all your efforts compounding and showing results in a year! I’ve seen bloggers in the course actually earn significant and even full-time incomes in less than a year.

Who is Blogging Fast Lane course not for?

If you know you don’t have enough self-control to make yourself go through the course, I would consider some other options where someone gives you assignments and controls you.

If you are not sure that you have the capability to blog consistently, work many hours to get the blog off the ground, push through again and again when the success just doesn’t seem to appear, I’d strongly reconsider if you actually want to blog.

Blogging success doesn’t come overnight. Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, nothing gets better.

So, you must be able to have the inner motivation to keep on working.

How to purchase the Blogging Fast Lane course?

It’s actually really easy!

You just need to sign up for the free training by Anna and Tom.

Anna and Tom - the faces behind blogging fast lane
Meet Anna and Tom!

It will give you a taste of what the actual Blogging Fast Lane is like so after the webinar, if you enjoy it, you can upgrade to the full course. The number of attendees is limited to 150 people, so the group is actually not even that big.

How much does the course cost?

The full price of the course as of this time is 697$, but they run promotions quite often.

I know it is a big investment and it seems scary to pay such a big price for a course. The value of the Blogging Fast Lane is definitely much higher, though.

And honestly, if you follow all of what Tom and Anna teach, you’ll earn your investment back in no time.

Plus, if you can’t afford the full price of the course at once, you can pay in investments.

What if I purchased the course and don’t find it helpful?

There is a 90-day action based refund guarantee.

If you go through the course, implement everything, and still don’t feel satisfied with what you see, you can apply for a refund.

Just know, you do have to put in the work.

As Anna says

The point of this refund policy is to encourage you to get the result you set out to get, instead of giving up before you’ve done any of the work.

How has the Blogging Fast Lane course affected the Wanderlust Designers?

I was actually in the first group of the Fast Lane bloggers when the course just started back in 2018.

I somehow thought that it would be possible to study at a university and build a business, silly me!

Well, there are definitely people out there who CAN do it, but I’m not one of them, haha.

So, for the first years, I was just intermittently working on the course and on the blog. It took me almost a year to make the blog look like I wanted it to – I fell down deep in that rabbit hole.

Then, after I graduated from the university – just when the world started shutting down at the beginning of 2020, mind you –, Emma was asking for more and more attention, so I again put my dream about blogging aside to be with her.

Now, in November 2020 I understood that our first hosting with Bluehost is about to expire, so I HAVE to start doing something! Let me remind you, that was when the worst of the lockdowns started – when practically the whole world shut down and no travelling was allowed.

So, I went over some of the lessons to refresh my memory and started writing and posting again, implementing what I had learned.

In these few months (it’s June 2021 now when I’m writing this review of the Blogging Fast Lane), working just a few hours a week, I have articles ranking on the first page of Google, I’m getting more and more traffic, and I’ve actually earned some income from affiliates.

And, again, I’m a travel blogger, and there are a lot of travel restrictions still in place! Just shows you how good the course is that even travel bloggers can grow.

Yes, plural! A lot of us in the course are seeing growth even through everything.

Update on 26 February 2022:

Source: Google Analytics

This is how the traffic on Wanderlust Designers has grown in the last 10 months. It’s mostly from search engines – approximately 40% of the traffic to give you a number. By applying the things that Anna and teach in the course, we’ve managed to grow quite significantly and get income as well.

Let me remind you that most of the world has been closed up during the last years. And nevertheless, we as a travel blog managed a steady growth.

Half of our content is about Japan which is still closed to visitors!

Update on 20 June 2022

Source: Google Analytics 4

As you can see, in the last year our traffic has still encountered significant growth.

The strategies in Blogging Fast Lane taught me how to find keywords that I can rank for. That, in turn, is helping me create some passive income streams.

I’m now regularly receiving some commissions. To be completely honest, the sums are not big, and that’s for several reasons:

  • I haven’t created any products
  • I’m still only concentrating on SEO, not social media
  • I’m not following some of the strategies that Blogging Fast Lane provides

As you can see, all my fault, haha.

But! Concentrating on SEO is paying off.

image 1
Source: GA4

As you can see, like 73% of Wanderlust Designers’ traffic comes from Organic Search.

My honest Blogging Fast Lane review

I honestly think that if you are serious about the blogging business and want to make your blog successful, the Blogging Fast Lane course is one of the best options for you.

What I love about Blogging Fast Lane

blogging fast lane mockup

The best part of the Blogging Fast Lane is that Anna and Tom honestly, actually care about each and every one of their students succeeding.

All of the strategies that they teach in the course have been tried out on different blogs that Anna and Tom run. They don’t water down anything – everything they’ve learned, they teach others.

For example, when teaching about SEO and advertising, Anna uses articles on Adventure in You to show how and where they did what is taught in the lessons.

She runs sort of experiments of different blogging tactics and posts case studies to show the Fast Lane Bloggers how to achieve similar results.

The second best part is definitely the Fast Lane accelerator community. You can ask for help, advice, opinions, whatever you think, and there will be people who will comment and help you.

The community is encouraging, helpful, and very active.

There are both inspiring success stories posted in the group and, when people feel like they’re alone struggling with something, they can post and have other people show them that they’re not, in fact, alone.

And then there will be someone who will come and tell them that yes, I was there as well, and give advice on what to do.

And the third is actually the course itself. It shows, step by step, what you have to do. If you follow it to a T, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming successful. It can be seen in many stories from Fast Lane bloggers.

I love that there is such a big focus on mindset in the Blogging Fast Lane. Almost everyone who starts a business struggles with doubt, low confidence, or motivation. But the course really focuses on all of these fears, there is a lot of advice on how to overcome them, and, of course, the community is there to pick you up.

What I don’t like about Blogging Fast Lane

There is honestly almost nothing.

The course is well made and easy to follow, BUT you have to have self-control and self-discipline. If you don’t, there’s no one to make you do things. I’m a prime example of that – even after getting the course, I was just putting off actually going through the lessons and doing what needed to be done.

Unlike in school or offline classes, if you’re struggling with something, be it motivation or fear of doing something, you have to find the courage to reach out. You don’t have anyone grading you or seeing that you don’t understand something, it all depends on just yourself.

It’s not always easy to ask for help.

Another is, that there are some things such as specific e-mail marketing providers, that don’t work for everyone involved. But, as I said before already, if you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to.

I read your Blogging Fast Lane review and I still don’t feel sure…

I recommend you sign up for the free Blogging Fast Lane webinar with Anna and Tom!


It doesn’t mean you have to actually buy the course. Just see if the course is for you and if the way Anna and Tom communicate resonates with you.

If you don’t like it? Ok, there are tons of options that might be better for you.

If you feel like it could be something for you? Amazing! I look forward to seeing you in the community!

A few last words in this Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator review

If you are serious about blogging and are ready to invest the time and energy that is necessary to have a successful blog that is making money, the Blogging Fast Lane course is one of the best ones out there that actually helps.

You get an actual formula that works to build a blog from scratch to a successful business in less than a year.

If not? That’s completely ok as well. There is not one single thing that is perfect for everyone!

Do you have any questions left? Be sure to ask them!

Ready to try it out?

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