21 awesome gifts for moms who travel

Most of us love few people as much as we love our moms. We’d probably all want to surprise them with an elaborate trip where they would be pampered endlessly. Alas, who knows when that will be in the stars again, so let’s have a look at some other gifts for moms who travel, which they’ll definitely appreciate.

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In a hurry? Top 3 gifts for moms who travel:


a gift card - perfect travel gift for mom

An experience
✔️ She can choose the experience
✔️ Good everywhere in the world


An e-book reader 
✔️ Great for moms who love to read


Digital photo frame
✔️ Sentimental

Is your mom not just an avid traveller, but quite invested in her fashion as well?

She knows how to look good going shopping, and will not be the one caught in the store with dirty pants and mismatched socks?

Then it’s quite possible that she’ll appreciate these four fashionable gifts for moms who travel that I’ve collected here.

1. Anti-theft bag

We’ve all heard of someone who’s had their pockets picked or backpack opened while out and about. It’s unpleasant in the best of circumstances (if there actually are any situations that are “best” here) – I mean, when you are close to your home.

But if your passport and wallet are stolen while you’re abroad, it adds another layer of “bad” to it.

Protect your mom from it with an anti-theft bag!

There are many types of these bags – you can get a backpack, purse, pouch, and even a diaper bag among others!

These bags are made of anti-slash fabric, have sturdy zippers and hidden pockets, have lockable zippers – the list goes on!

I think such a bag is one of the best gifts for moms who travel you could get, as it shows that you really care for her safety.

Some options:

2. Infinity scarf with a hidden pocket

A stylish accessory with a bit of a twist (pun intended). There are types of infinity scarves that have a hidden pocket where a wallet, phone, passport, and other things can be stored.

When travelling, most people don’t want to take too many things with them, but it’s important to stay warm and comfortable. These scarves offer just that, plus some extra protection for your valuables.

There are infinity scarves available that can be used for warmer weather as well as for colder, so not just for staying warm. They make a lovely accessory, so an ideal gift for a fashionable mom who loves travelling.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be used just when travelling – it’s a scarf, so pretty much an everyday item.

Some options:

3. Jewellery organizer

Your mom would like to take some assorted necklaces and rings on her trip, but is afraid they’d get tangled? Or she takes some and then struggles when it’s all messy?

You can gift her a travel sized organizer for jewellery!

She can just put her favourite items in it without worrying about losing or damaging them.

As an added bonus, a travel jewellery organizer gives her a nice overview of what she’s packed with herself, thus making it easier to choose that perfect accessory.

Some options:

4. Hair dryer

My mom is always complaining that most of the hotel hairdryers just don’t cut it. They are slow, weak, and often don’t have hot enough air to actually style hair. Also, they almost never have any accessories to them, like diffusers.

And I believe my mom is not the only one.

So a nice solution for this problem is to just have a small hairdryer to take on the trips!

Travel hairdryers are foldable or very compact, so they are easy to be packed. Plus, many of them now come with all the accessories necessary to make the hair look nice and neat.

A very useful gift for moms who like to travel and have their hair all nice and on point! Unlike me, who just loves her ponytail, lol.

Some options:

Sentimental gifts for travelling moms

There are some moms who appreciate the more practical things in life, and then there are those who are very romantic and sentimental. If you’re looking for gifts for one of the latter, you should consider these.

1. Personalized or themed keychains or jewellery

Everyone takes their keys with them when going somewhere, right? So we always have the keys with us.

If you gift your mom a keychain, it’s quite certain that she will have them with her at all times. Thus, she will always have that special reminder that you love her with her. Makes for a lovely gift, don’t you think?

You can make a personalized keychain for your mom, for example, with your pictures or with your custom text. Or just order one with something that she enjoys, like travel themed ones.

Or, if your mom is not a keychain person, you can get her some travel-themed jewellery, such as a necklace with a locket that has a picture of you or maybe a travel-themed bracelet? So many options for jewellery gifts for moms who love travel!

Some options:

2. Some food that reminds her of a place she loved

Is your mom still talking about that amazing coffee that she had in Hawaii?

Did she really love matcha in Japan (get 10% off with the code matchalove )

Or maybe Swiss chocolate?

If your mom is a foodie, you can make her happy by gifting her some of her favourite food items from abroad.

Some options:

Matcha tea for weightloss

3. Album with your favourite travel memories

Have you been on quite a few journeys together?

Fill up, or at least start, an album or a scrapbook of your favourite memories together!

So many people love looking through pictures of their adventures! And a picture on the computer screen is just not as good as a printed one is.

There’s an album available for every taste, and I believe you can order some of your favourite prints online and have them delivered.

Some options:

4. Digital photo frame

I’ve been eyeing digital photo frames for myself lately. I like having pictures in frames all around our apartment, but it’s just so hard to find that line between “I want all of my favourite pictures out” and “If I print all of the pictures I love, there’s not gonna be enough space left for anything else”.

A digital photo frame saves people from this trouble, as the pictures shuffle on it!

Some options:

Practical gifts for moms who travel

There are many people out there who just don’t like to have extra stuff at home, even if they have sentimental value.

They like to have a use for each and every item, be it to learn something or make their lives easier and better.

 For those moms, gifting a keychain might not be the best idea. But they’ll definitely approve of some of the following things!

1. Packing cubes

Everyone who is tired of playing the dreaded game of suitcase Tetris should invest in packing cubes.

These little miracle things help you pack everything in a space-saving way, thus leaving extra space for that lovely souvenir bottle of wine that you want to take home!

If your mom is anything like me when she packs (but WHAT IF I NEED THIS!!), then she will definitely be very thankful for the packing cubes.

Some options:

2. Foldable cup

If your mom is environmentally conscious (I certainly hope so!), she will really appreciate a reusable cup to take travelling.

It helps with lowering the amount of single-use cups, plus, no need to worry about where to dispose of them!

The “normal” reusable coffee or tea mugs take way too much space in a suitcase, but these ones fold down nicely – perfect gifts for those moms who love travelling, I’ll say.

Some options:

3. Portable coffee maker

Show me a mom who doesn’t need coffee, I’ll wait! But every so often the coffees in hotels are just… meh. Unless you go to Italy or Greece, that is. And even then there are so many disappointments…

Just have to live with it, you say? Nope, just get your own portable coffee maker to take with you!

Every mom who loves to travel will be thankful for this little gift.

It’s possible to get coffee makers for every taste – French press, Aeropress, ground coffee and even capsules!

Some options:

4. A travel book

Yes, I know, it’s a typical travel gift, but a mom who loves planning or thinking about her next vacation will definitely appreciate a travel book.

If you already know where she would like to go, chose some of the destination guides that are full of useful travel tips.

On the other hand, if you’re not sure about where your mom would like to go or would just like to inspire her, you can get something like Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book or National Geographic’s The World’s Most Romantic Destinations. Inspirational!

Some options:

Gifts for moms of young children

If you’re looking for gifts for moms who travel and have young children, I’ve got you.

These are some things that a mom of youngsters, like yours truly right here, would appreciate. Having them would definitely make everyday life, especially when travelling, just a tad bit easier.

1. Car seat organizer

When we went on our first road trip with Emma, I had things all around me on the seat. It was such a mess! So hard to find the bottle or snacks.

At that moment I thought “oh, how I’d like to just have a place where to store these things so that I could find them easily!”

When we returned home, I did some googling around and came across car seat organizers.

There are so many different options, some of which even have tablet holders for watching cartoons. Amazing!

So if you know a toddler mom who likes road trips and still doesn’t have an organizer, she’ll probably be genuinely happy that you gifted her one.

Some options:

2. A carrier

carrying a kid while hiking in the mountains - packing a carrier is a good idea

Strollers are good, even great, but there are just some places where even the smallest stroller is annoying to have. And then there are those places where you’ll just not get with a stroller.

Especially with a toddler who likes to run around. We usually end up either using the stroller for a very short period of time or carrying Emma in our arms.

It’s very useful, then, to have a carrier instead of a stroller.

We ourselves have the ErgoBaby 360, but if that’s outside of your budget, there are different priced ones available.

Some options:

3. Shawl wrap

Airplanes tend to get cold, and it’s not always easy to regulate the temperature in the car as well.

One thing besides a blanket that can come in handy is a big shawl wrap.

These scarves have quite a few ways to use them. One is a scarf, obviously, other is a wrap, then there’s blanket, nursing cover, and in the end – a picnic blanket to sit on as well.

It was really convenient to have a shawl wrap when we flew with Emma, as I could put it over her to make it a bit darker since when she needed to nap during the fligth.

My mom had one like this, and I just loved wrapping it around me – it felt like I was covering myself in a comfort blanket.

Some options:

4. Travel diaper bag

A backpack that doubles as a changing cot. Amazing, isn’t it? I found these when looking up items for this article!

We didn’t get to travel so much with Emma, but in my limited experience there are just so many places where it’s impossible to comfortably change a diaper (I’m looking at you, Italy)! Especially when the kid starts to roll around.

A backpack like this would have been a lifesaver, as I wouldn’t have to juggle around stuff in the car just to make sure I don’t hurt my kid or make everything messy when changing a poopy diaper. Or try to figure out how to change Emma’s diaper when we are in a restaurant which doesn’t have a changing table anywhere.

So I believe such a diaper backpack would make for an amazing gift for a mom who travels.

Some options:

Unique gifts for moms who travel

These gifts are not the ones that would first pop into your mind when thinking about what to get to your mom. Which is kind of exciting, isn’t it?

Your mom probably didn’t think that anyone would gift these things to her as well!

1. Massage pillow

This was one of my best pandemic purchases. As a mom myself, I often have stress-shoulders – that is, my shoulders get stiff which leads to headaches. Since everything is closed here, I couldn’t just go out for a massage.

Michal and I talked, and we decided to get a massage pillow for us. It’s so nice to just sit down in the evening with a glass of wine, some snacks, and a lighthearted show, turn on the pillow, and enjoy the relaxation!

A pillow like mine can be used even in a car, as it has a car-suitable cable. It’s perfect for those long road trips!

Of course, nothing beats an actual massage, but this is – hands up – the next best thing.

Some options:

2. Fitness watch

Didn’t expect to see this here? Well, I promised unique, didn’t I?

Who doesn’t like knowing how much and where they walked during that sightseeing stroll through the town? Or how much they hiked today?

A fitness watch is perfect for this purpose!

The apps-on-the-phone tend to lose the GPS connection. A fitness watch that has a GPS feature built in is definitely going to make it to the top of the favorite gifts for moms who travel!

I myself have a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, and it seems even better. She’s really happy about it, and I’m looking into getting one for myself.

Some options:

3. An e-book reader 

A long flight and the entertainment system doesn’t have any movies that you’d like to watch – haven’t we all been there?

Books take way too much space in the carry on (my problem!) and the phone battery doesn’t last long enough (yup, my problem as well).

Update: I’ve had the 11th generation Kindle Paperwhite for a month now, and carrying a book or a short battery life of the device isn’t a problem anymore. Reading in the dark is not a problem as well. Honestly, I can recommend this Kindle as a gift.

A Kindle or any other e-book reader is a great solution for all of these problems. Download a book on the very thin tablet kind of device and enjoy! Plus, it’s gentle on the eyes, unlike phones. And can even be waterproof!

Some options:

4. Audible subscription

If your mom prefers audiobooks to reading, an Audible subscription would make an incredible gift. With thousands of audiobooks available, there is something for everyone.

You can choose between one-, three-, six-, and twelve-month memberships.

It would be just enough to settle in and listen for a while.

If you’re still keen on giving your mom a gift of travel…

There’s a way! And even without the risk of losing your money!

You can get her a gift card on Tinggly. They offer Gift boxes with different experiences all over the world.

Seems like they have everything available – most romantic couples travel options, adventure travel, foodie travel, and so on.

You can choose the kind of box in your budget, and the traveler can choose the experience, the date, and the place!

In conclusion about gifts for moms who travel…

Didn’t find that one thing what you were looking for in this article? Check out my previous ones, like the full on 100+ gifts for travel lovers guide or maybe one for Romantic gifts for travelers!

Let me know you found these gift ideas helpful! Is there anything you would add to this list of gifts for moms who travel?

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  1. These are some really fun ideas! I especially like the idea of giving Audible since it’s not another “thing” and can make your travels so much more enjoyable!

    1. Right? I was using it during walks while my now-toddler was still sleeping in the stroller, it’s amazing!

  2. One thing that I started during college was that, every year for Mothers Day, I added a marcipan rose to whatever gift I bought. My mother kept them and displayed them in a cabinet. Over the years the marcipan flower bouquet has grown nicely.

  3. Some really great items here. I think the shawl is a particularly good one as it’s often much colder in the evenings than you sometimes realise. I might even get one for myself.

  4. My mum isn’t big on travel, but I still think she would love some of these – especially the wraps and the gift of audible (that is such a good idea!!)

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