21 most romantic travel gifts for couples who travel

When you’re dating an avid traveller, it’s not easy to find those perfect romantic travel gifts.

With Valentine’s day nearing, it’s time to find that perfect romantic travel gift for your other half. A Herculean task, isn’t it? That’s why we’ve made a list of Valentine’s gift ideas for travellers to help you out!

Gifts for travelling couples, romantic getaways, cheesy romantic gifts, and less romantic practical gifts – you’ll definitely find something that will work for you here!

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Romantic Valentine’s gifts for couples who travel together

The most romantic Valentine’s gift that Michal could give me is time spent together. Playing board games, making a special dinner that we wouldn’t in just any evening or maybe ordering in, planning where we could go – just anything, honestly.

If your significant other is a sentimental person like me, they’ll love these gift ideas!

Don’t forget the flowers!

1. A book to plan your next getaway

In a perfect world, I’d say – gift your other half a romantic couple’s trip! Getaways are the ultimate travel gifts for couples! In these very uncertain times, though, it’s not exactly easy to go for a weekend trip, let alone a longer vacation.

So instead, why don’t you take an inspirational travel book and think of all the places you will travel to as a couple once the world opens up again?

There are all kinds of coffee table books that you could gift – from specific destination guides full of travel tips to a 1000 bucket list adventure compilation, to an inspirational US National parks guide.

Some options:

2. A dinner date – the perfect gift for a travel couple

I know what you are thinking – “But Kristine, it’s not safe to go out for a dinner now!”

That’s why you should make a dinner date at home!

Choose a country that you have been to (or would like to go to), find a recipe from that country, and make your romantic dinner together.

If you set the table nicely, with candles, placemats, napkins, flowers and so on, it will be even better than going to a restaurant.

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You can even book an online cooking class!

3. A staycation

Even if you can’t travel abroad, it might be possible to go out for a day trip or picnic (weather permitting)? Maybe it’s possible for you to rent a cottage somewhere near by where you live?

I know it’s not easy these days to change your scenery, but even a little change will be very appreciated by the other half of your travel couple!

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Another way is to order some tropical beach decorations, make a cocktail, and enjoy your beach vacation at home by watching an inspirational travel movie!

4. A gift of experience

Gifting an experience to a traveller usually seems like a great idea, but it’s often accompanied by fears of gifting the wrong one. That’s where gift cards come in!

A gift card might seem like an impersonal gift, but it doesn’t have to be!

While checking Valentine’s gifts for Michal, I came across Tinggly. They offer Gift boxes with different experiences all over the world.

Seems like they have everything available – most romantic couples’ travel options, adventure travel, foodie travel, and so on.

You can choose the kind of box in your budget, and the traveller can choose the experience, the date, and the place!

The reviews for Tinggly are good, and the offers – great!

Sentimental gifts for travel lovers

What better way to surprise your other half than something to remember the amazing times you’ve had together as a travel couple?

Whether it’s just a single trip or years’ worth of vacations that you’ve had together, you definitely have some pictures, don’t you?

It doesn’t even have to be a full trip that you’ve had! For our first month anniversary with Michal, I made a collage of some bad selfies that we’ve taken during some walks in our city, framed it, and gifted it to him. Yes, it’s cheesy, but at the same time – such a great memory!

1. Photography on a canvas from your favourite destination as a travel couple

It’s so much nicer to look at the printed photographs than it is at the digital copies, isn’t it? Especially if the pictures are not sorted. A hundred almost identical selfies, anyone?

So, to surprise your loved one, you can gift them a canvas or a big print of your favourite destination. Just search Amazon for the destination + canvas!

You can even do a custom picture print!

Some options:

2. A hanging photo display

Another idea I find very interesting, and one that I gifted to my parents as well (for their wedding anniversary, though, not Valentine’s day), is a hanging photo display.

I printed some of my favourite pictures from our vacations together, packed them together with the display, and gifted it. My parents are a real travel couple, so they loved this gift!

Some options:

3. Album or scrapbook of your favourite pictures as a couple who travels

No space for a canvas or hanging picture display?

You can always gift an album or a scrapbook already pre-filled with some of your favourite trips together as a couple!

Some options:

4. A framed picture

Not enough trips together to fill an album?

Or maybe not enough time to choose pictures?

Just gift your favourite photo of you as a travel couple in a picture frame!

There are even so many heart-shaped picture frame options! Such a romantic gift!

Some options:

Small romantic travel gifts

Sometimes it feels like Valentine’s gifts are mostly about couples. Which, of course, makes sense! But occasionally it’s nice to give your significant other a romantic gift for THEM, not for the two of you.

If you want to give your other half something travel related that is romantic, but not too “couple-y”, I have some more ideas!

1. Jewellery

I know it’s a bit obvious, but it’s still a nice and romantic gift. Look for something with a map or a globe, and it makes for a romantic travel gift!

Whether it’s a globe, a compass, a plane… If your travel lover likes jewellery, this is the perfect gift for them.

Some options:

2. A keychain

A keychain doesn’t sound as romantic as Valentine’s gift, but it depends on the way you gift it.

You know, keys are one of the things we carry with us always, so it always will remind your significant other of you!

Some options:

3. Travel diary

If your significant other likes to write down their thoughts, dreams, and memories, then a travel diary can be a very thoughtful and romantic travel gift for them.

Your travel lover can write down all the destinations they want to go to and why! Plus, so many of travel journals come with checklists and helpful pages for planning.

A travel diary is a helpful planning tool PLUS a keepsake for after the trip!

Some options:

4. Personalized or matching passport cover

Nothing says a “romantic travel gift” as a picture of you two all over the one document that you should always have with you when traveling!

Cannot find a picture that would look good enough as a passport holder? Well, why not make it a matching one for both of you?

Some options:

Bigger and more practical romantic travel gifts

There are so many people that don’t like receiving gifts that hold no practical value. They don’t like clutter.

Michal is one of them, and I strive to become one as well. We’re trying to slowly get rid of things that we don’t use, and that often includes some tiny sentimental things. They are cute, yes, but they take space that could have better usage.

So, what to gift such a person for one of the most romantic days of the year?

Well, look for something practical that they could use on their travels, of course!

1. A carry on bag or suitcase

A suitcase or a bag may sound like a weird present for Valentine’s, but it’s the perfect travel gift if your other half is a practical person.

And, if you get something more special, which is both practical but looks the part, too, it can even make a romantic travel gift!

All in all, a bag for travelling will be well appreciated by a travel lover.

Some options:

2. A coffee sampler

Is your loved one a coffee junkie? Then this is the perfect gift for them!

There are different options available – coffee from places all over the world, different tastes, different capsules, ground, beans… You get the gist.

Or is he more of a tea person? Got you covered there, as well!

Some options:

3. A portable coffee maker

An ex-colleague of ours recently posted that one of the best gifts he has ever gotten is a portable coffee maker.

If an Italian guy says a portable espresso maker is good for making coffee, it must be, right?

And let me tell you, it definitely is amazing to have your favourite coffee when travelling around.

Some options:

4. An instant camera

For those of us that like taking pictures and then complaining that we don’t have time or the patience to print them, an instant camera would be an incredibly romantic gift!

Just snap, wait, and tada – a picture is ready!

For the perfect gift, combine it with a scrapbook!

Some options:

And of course, a romantic getaway

Since the restrictions are loosening up all over, why not book a hotel room and go somewhere nice for a weekend?

Find a hotel with a wellness and spa, and pamper yourselves for a weekend. Just relax and enjoy!

Doesn’t even have to be a 5-star wellness hotel, a cabin somewhere cute and remote is just as perfect! Enjoy the sunsets, maybe it even has a fireplace to just sit together and enjoy conversations about everything in the world!

Or you can go for Tinggly and get a gift card for an experience that your significant other can choose for themselves! You choose the type of experience and the budget, the giftee chooses the specific experience and the dates! Perfect compromise!

To sum up…

This was a bit of a ride, wasn’t it?

There are so many gifts you could get to people who love travel, although most of them are probably not so romantic.

I could give you more and more travel gift ideas, honestly! I’ve even written a full-on 100+ gifts for travel lovers guide and an article on 21 gifts for moms who travel! It includes some things that are here, and, obviously, many, many more gifts (scratch-off world map, anyone?).

I hope at least one of these lists will help you decide on which romantic travel gift is the perfect one for your travel lover!

What is your favourite gift that you’ve received?

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Valentine's gifts for travelers | Looking for the perfect romantic gifts for travelers? Find 30+ unique travel gift ideas in this perfect guide! #travel #travelgiftideas #travelgifts #travelproducts | Unique gifts for  travelers | Travel gift list | travel gifts for couples | travel gifts for him | travel gift ideas for women

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