Travel gifts for dad: 24 ideas to jump-start your imagination

It’s not easy to find some nice travel gifts for dad!

At least for me figuring out what to give the dads in my life is always a bit of a problem.

Whenever I ask what they’d like, the answer is “I have everything” or “I don’t need anything”.

Dads, am I right?

And they are all so different and have such different hobbies! Well, the one thing they have in common, though, is – they like to travel.

So, I’ve spent some time really thinking of what a good travel gift for dad would be and what they’d really like, as well as going through many, many articles online to get ideas.

So! Here you go!

My list of gift ideas for travelling dads.

Whether he likes adventure or leisure travel, you’ll definitely find something here.

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The stereotypical dad is usually one who doesn’t care about how he looks, but in many, many cases that’s simply not true. Many dads want to look nice, clean, and stylish, not just in everyday life, but when travelling as well.

If your dad is anything like mine, he might want to look fashionable, but just could never get to it, think it’s too much money to actually buy anything that’s needed for looking nice on the vacation or just doesn’t know where to start!

Whichever case it is, these fashion-related gifts for travelling dads will most probably be appreciated.

1 Shaving kit

It doesn’t matter if your dad likes to be clean-shaven or has a bit of a beard, he still needs to keep it in check. Although it is quite possible to just scratch the beard off, it’s much nicer to use an electronic beard trimmer or a good old foam-and-blade grooming kit.

Michal is one of those dads who has a short, groomed beard and just lets it grow out during vacations.

On the other hand, both his dad and mine clean-shave every single morning and would definitely appreciate a shaving kit. So, why not give him the ability to keep his face nice and shaved for the trip?

And during travelling, it’s much easier to use an electric shaver than to carry shaving foam and a razor.

If you don’t feel like you know enough about shaving to gift your dad the perfect kit, why not get him a full travel sized toiletry kit? I know I almost always dislike the hygiene items provided by hotels, so I definitely like to take my own.

Some options:

2 Sunglasses

Whether they’re travelling in winter or summer, sunglasses are essential for every trip. Even on an airplane, if the flight is during the day, it is nice to have sunglasses!

Your dad probably already owns a pair… or a few, but if he likes fashion, there’s always a place for another one.

There are different styles available for any type of person, so you can get your dad an upgrade of his old ones or maybe a completely different style that would suit him really well!

Some options:

3 A watch

No look is complete without a watch – or at least many people say so.

If your dad is invested in fashion, he probably shares this sentiment.

And in this case, a nice, sophisticated watch will make for a very good Father’s Day gift for your travelling dad.

Some options:

4 A case for ties

This would probably mostly apply to the dads that travel for work.

Help him keeps his ties wrinkle-free and nicely organized with a small tie case! These cases are made for ties, collar stays, and cufflinks.

Perfectly sized to fit in a carry on, your dad can enjoy his flight without the tie and then just put it on after landing.

I’d say it’s quite a good travel gift for a dad, isn’t it?

Some options:

Sentimental gifts for a travelling dad

Not just moms are sentimental and like to have little reminders of their loved ones around them. 

I’d say, actually, that all the dads in my life are rather sentimental. How about you?

Anyways, if your dad is a sentimental person, a shaving kit is probably not the best gift for him.  

Something that clearly shows him how much you think of him, though? Perfect gift.

1 Framed pictures

Is there anything more sentimental?

Print your favourite pictures from your travels together, put them in a nice frame, and gift it to your dad.

If there are just too many pictures to choose from, you can use a digital photo frame instead. That way it becomes so much more variable!

You can even make a scrapbook or an album if frames are not his thing!

Some options:

2  Personalized passport cover

The traveller should always have his passport with him, right? Even if the country theoretically is completely content with having an ID, I still almost always take a passport – just in case.

For this reason, the passport can get worn out rather quickly.

So why not gift your dad a nice, personalized passport holder? Order one with a picture of you both, and it will be this small little reminder during all of his travels. A great travel gift for a dad – both useful and sentimental.

Some options:

3  Personalized or themed keychain

One of the first things I gifted Michal when we started dating was matching keychains. Since we both traveled a lot for work, it was just nice to have this little reminder with us– to show that I’m always thinking of him.

A sentimental dad would definitely feel the same way.

This reminds me, actually, that the last of the keychains got broken recently – I should definitely get us new ones!

Some options:

4 Constellation poster

The first trip you took together, your dad’s birthday, or some other special date – you can get a print of how the night sky looked on that date in the specific location.

There are constellation maps available for customization!

Such a lovely way to show your dad that you’re thinking of him and know what he loves.

Some options:

Practical travel gifts for dads

There are people who like little trinkets all around their home. They’ll buy little decorations or another cup because they’re pretty and will not throw out things “just in case I need it one day”.

If your dad is not one of those people, you definitely don’t want to gift him the third pair of sunglasses or another picture frame. He’s better off with something useful and practical instead of the extra thing that collects dust.

So here are some practical travel gifts for dad to get your inspiration running.

1 Packing cubes

Packing cubes are the best travel accessories for those people, not just dads, who want to have an organized suitcase where everything can be found easily.

It’s just so much easier to have everything nicely organized in specific boxes instead of just having it freely in a suitcase or plastic bags. Many of the sets include a laundry bag as well, so for the way back the dirty stuff doesn’t need to go close to the clean one!

Some options:

2 A backpack

Did you know that there are anti-theft bags available? Day bags, purses, pouches, even diaper bags – there are so many options to choose from.

The anti-theft backpacks have many useful features, like locking compartments, slash-resistant material, and RFID blocking card pockets and slots.

Travelon is one of the highest rated brands that makes anti-theft bags.

There are even backpacks available that are as spacious as a whole suitcase – if your dad is not a suitcase person, this might be a great travel gift idea as well.

Some options:

3 Travel wallet

If your dad doesn’t need a whole other bag, a wallet is another option.

Choose one that has a lot of slots for different ID and credit cards, pockets for money, and big enough that the ticket can fit in there as well!

Some of the wallets go a step further and, just like anti-theft bags, come with a RFID blocking technology.

Some options:

4 Travel guides

Can’t be a list of travel gift ideas without travel guides, now, can it?

Whether your dad is a planning kind of person who likes learning the best travel tips or just likes to get inspired by beautiful pictures and interesting stories, there’s a book written that he will enjoy.

We usually start planning our vacations by reading the destination guides from Lonely Planet and going from there, but there are so many different other options out there!

From the best national parks to the most obscure cities, from romantic getaways to adventure travel, there’s a travel book for every dad out there.

Some options:

Unique gifts for dads who travel

Sometimes it seems that some of the things are just overused as gifts for dads, travelling or not.

Things like cups (yes, I know, I included it in this list. It can still be cute, you know? If you haven’t gifted them 3 years in a row already), socks, and ties.

That’s why occasionally it’s nice to have something surprising as a gift.

What do you think of these travel gifts for dad – are they unique enough?

1 E-book reader

On those nice vacations, when the kid is taking a nap or asleep for the night already, an e-book reader can provide a nice and relaxing evening.

Take a glass of wine, open up your favourite book, and just enjoy.

Some of them, like Kindle paperwhite, are even waterproof, so can be enjoyed by – or in – a pool!

If your dad is a reader, it’s definitely a much better idea to have a thin and light tablet on the vacation than a thick book.

Although we all love the sound and smell of the actual paper, there’s just usually not enough space – and weight – available in a carry on.

Some options:

2 Photosession

It’s not exactly a travel gift, but I know many, many dads who would appreciate a photosession for them with the family as a gift. There are many different ones to choose from – from family portraits to a session in a studio or outside.

We did a photosession as a gift for Michal’s first Father’s Day just before Emma was born, and it’s such a nice memory for both of us!

I believe that, if you want to gift your dad a photosession for then you can find many photographers nearby. Choose a session in your budget and enjoy! D

3 Fitness watch

Is your dad like mine in the way that after a whole day of sightseeing, he says “wow, my legs are trembling! I wonder how much we walked!”

If your dad likes wearing watches and often wonders how much he walked, he might like a fitness watch.

I know there are apps available, and I’ve used many of them (Runkeeper and Endomondo are just two examples), but the GPS connection on the phone usually turns off to save the battery. That’s why I love my watch, as it has a GPS built in, so I can just check in the evening how much I’ve walked – among MANY other things I can do with this watch!

Some options:

4 Drone

The perfect toy for those dads who like flying stuff. Add a camera, and it’s now a great gift for the photography lover as well!

Drones are the new “it” thing for travelers who love photography. The images turn out incredible and from a completely new angle.

If you have the budget for a drone, it’s definitely on of the most unique travel gifts for dad that you can give.

Some options:

Travel gifts for dads of young children

When you have young children, you deserve a special kind of care. That goes for both moms AND dads.

The children are the light of our lives, they are one of the best things to happen to us all… but they can make life just that much harder as well!

So, show the dad in your life how much you care about him and understand him by taking care of at least some of his needs!

1 Baby carrier

As nice as it is to travel with a stroller, it can be very, very inconvenient as well, especially when going on road trips. They just take up so much space! At least most airlines offer to take the stroller for free, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Quite often the baby doesn’t even want to be in the stroller but wants to be carried. And who almost always is the person who ends up carrying baby?

Of course, the dad!

That’s why a baby carrier is sometimes a better option to have than a stroller when travelling (although I do love to put Emma to sleep in a stroller while I tan by the pool).

But for exploring? A carrier is DEFINITELY better than a stroller.

It just frees up the hands and puts much less pressure on the back (and arms). And the baby can nap nicely in there, too!

Plus, if you want to explore places with stairs or just uneven surfaces, it’s just not possible with a stroller.

Some options:

2 Massage pillow

Not just the moms get tired when the baby is young. Quite often many people just think that moms need that extra care after a baby is born but forget that the dads are in the thick of it as well.

Since it’s still very tricky to go out for massages, it’s better to get one at home. That’s where a massage pillow comes in.

Plus, a massage pillow takes a lot less time than a massage at a salon – if there’s no time to spare for proper pampering, this definitely is a great thing to have.

I got a massage pillow for us for Christmas, and it’s been a Godsend, definitely. In the 15 minutes of the cycle, the stress knots become noticeably smaller and less tight.

And – some of them come with car chargers, so can be used during roadtrips!

Some options:

3 Travel sized coffee maker

Every parent becomes a little bit of a coffee addict, especially in those newborn days.

Even Michal, who was always just a tea drinker, has started drinking coffee!

A travel sized coffee maker will give him that extra shot of the caffeine that he needs – in the form of his favorite coffee, not whatever the hotel offers.

There are many options available as well – French pressAeropressground coffee and even capsules!

I have a Wacaco Minipresso for Nespresso capsules with a minipresso tank to make a double espresso without having to refill the water. It’s not perfect, but I like having my own coffee the taste of which I actually like with me when staying in apartments.

Some options:

A book of family travel tips

When you’re used to traveling alone, it’s not easy to adjust to the weird thing that is “family travel”. Suddenly instead of just packing and going, you have to figure out how much clothes the baby will need, what toys to take, and how to plan the whole thing.

Well, as it turns out, there are books written just on this subject.

So why not make it easier for the new dad?

I know I would have appreciated reading a book like this before going on our first trip with Emma. I feel like we took everything we owned with us… and didn’t use 2/3 of it.

Some options:

Didn’t yet see the perfect travel gift for your dad?

Let me throw some more ideas out here for you – some that I found or thought of, but decided, for one reason or another, not to include in this list!

  • A travel cocktail kit – many blogs suggest giving this so that the dad can have his own cocktail in the airplane already. Just buy a bottle of alcohol and mix his favorite cocktail!
  • A gift of experience – not even sure why I didn’t include this. Tinggly is a company I found that offers gift boxes with different experiences all over the world. Seems like they have everything available – most romantic couple’s travel options, adventure travel, foodie travel, and so on. You can choose the kind of box in your budget, and the traveler can choose the experience, the date, and the place!
  • Leather luggage tags – I just feel like this is one of those overused travel gifts. Plus, not a fan of leather – for ethical reasons.
  • A Bluetooth tracker for your things – attach a tag to keys, suitcase, or whatever, sync with the phone via Bluetooth, and voila! If he ever misplaces something, he can track it easily.
  • A subscription box – a selection of food, gear, snacks, or pretty much anything else you can think of delivered straight to your house. There are monthly and quarterly delivery options available, and you can purchase a box with a renewal or a one-time payment.

If you’d like some more ideas, we have a whole ultimate travel gift list, a list of gifts for traveling couples, and a list of gifts for moms who travel!

Summary about travel gifts for dad

It’s not easy to think of gifts for your loved ones, is it? You want to give them the world, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

Well, I hope that this list of travel gifts for dad gave you some inspiration!

Whether you’re looking for Father’s Day or Christmas gift ideas, or maybe it’s your dad’s birthday or you just want to give him something, I really hope you find that one great gift!

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