19+ Travel stocking stuffers: the ones you’ll choose

Travellers are not exactly known for liking big and bulky gifts. They are people who’d rather choose something small and useful – that is to say, things that make the perfect travel stocking stuffers.

Whether you’re looking for the best travel stocking stuffers or just small travel gifts, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

First, the thing that you’re gifting should be small, especially if the traveller in question likes to travel only with hand luggage.

And second, it should be useful or at least sentimental – noone would like the gift to just collect dust somewhere, right?

Otherwise, in my opinion, it really doesn’t matter how much the gift cost. If it’s a really good fit for the giftee, then why not go for it?

Anyways, let’s dive in.

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Best travel stocking stuffers and small travel gifts

The stocking stuffer tradition hasn’t actually reached Eastern Europe – well, at least not in my circles.

I love gifting people some small things that remind me of them, or I feel they’d find useful, but packing them is such a tedious job! So I find the idea of just putting them in Christmas stockings is genius!

And, oh, the things that you can gift travellers.

There are just so many useful items that are stocking-sized!

1. Luggage tags

Of course, this is one of those very obvious travel stocking stuffers. Gifting luggage tags to travellers is such a classical move! But still, I love the idea, especially if the tags are personalized.

And they are very useful – if the bag goes missing, luggage tags help get it back that much quicker.

I’d advise not getting a “Remove before flight” one or at least warning your traveller to not use it for the checked in luggage – mine got removed by ground handling at one of the airports. I wonder if it was removed before the flight.

Some options:

2. Compression socks

I know that compression socks probably made you think of old ladies, but they are a thing that every frequent traveller should use. And there are so many cute and interesting compression socks available!

The pressure in an airplane is not good for veins and can create problems in the future, as can sitting for long periods of time whether it’s in an airplane or in a car, bus, train…

That’s why quite often your legs are swollen after flights!

The pressure of the compression socks helps increase circulation and reduce the risk of swelling. The medical ones (which can only be bought with a prescription) can even the risk of deep vein thrombosis and clotting!

I always regret not taking mine – my feet always swell so much on road trips and when flying…

Some options:

Check out more options on Amazon

3. Power bank

This might be one of the most useful travel stocking stuffers I have on this list.

I believe that it’s not just my phone’s battery that dies much faster during travelling, right?

We do everything with the phones – take pictures, use them for the tickets (save the trees!), maps, communication…

So it’s a good idea to have a powerbank, otherwise known as a portable battery, in the backpack at all times. Just attach your phone to the powerbank and stop worrying about the mobile turning off at the most inconvenient time.

The biggest problem I have with my powerbank is forgetting to charge it!

Some options:

4. Travel adaptor

Another one of the classic gifts for travellers.

But it is very useful for everyone who lovers travel! The plugs are just so different all over the world, so a travel adaptor is a must when going abroad.

Make sure to choose a universal one – it’s annoying to have multiple adaptors laying around. And imagine, if the traveller plans to visit multiple countries during the same trip it would mean packing multiple adaptors with them! The horror!

We ourselves have quite a bulky one, but I can see that now there are quite compact ones available as well. That’s a much better option.

Some options:

5. Luggage scales

weighing luggage

This is one of those things that I’m looking at myself. Before almost every trip I’m picking up my suitcase and wondering if it’s still within the weight limits for the checked-in luggage.

Yes, even when I’m home because it’s not really easy to weigh a suitcase on a normal scale. It just adds unneeded stress to the trip.

Luggage scales have different ways you can attach them to the suitcase, then pick it up and see how much it weighs. Much more convenient!

Plus, it ticks both of my boxes for the perfect travel stocking stuffers – it’s small and useful!

Some options:

6. SD cards

2 memory cards different capacity

Do you have a traveller who loves to take a lot of pictures or videos?

Well, then one of the best travel stocking stuffers that you can get for them is an SD card with a huge storage capacity.

We have some bigger ones – 64GB – and some smaller ones, and it’s always a fight of who will get the bigger ones, haha! Although, on the other hand, now a 64GB memory card doesn’t seem like the biggest one.

Make sure to get one that has a fast transfer speed, as with the slow ones the time it takes to save the picture or video is quite long.

Some options:

7. A headphone splitter

One of the more unique small travel gifts.

A headphone splitter is pretty much a tiny thing that allows two or more people to hear the same thing from a device. So, you know, the two people can watch the same movie at the same time on a flight.

I bought one for us a long time ago, and I really loved the chance to watch a movie together with Michal during the long-haul flights.

Some options:

8. Collapsible bottle or mug

A very good small travel gift for the environmentally conscious traveller, as the collapsible water bottle or coffee cup helps limit the amount of single-use cups and plastic bottles.

Many airports now have water stations where you can refill bottles and many coffee houses offer discounts for people who come with their own cups.

So, this gift would not only be environmentally friendly but help save some money as well!

And it folds down to almost nothing, thus not taking much space in the luggage (and in the stocking, since we’re talking about travel stocking stuffers here).

Some options:

9. Travel-sized cosmetics containers

travel sized cosmetics containers - perfect travel stocking stuffers

One of those gifts that travel well, haha.

Whether it would be a fully stocked travel kit that includes an already filled shampoo bottle, soap etc., or even just a set of empty bottles, every traveller would be happy with such a small travel gift.

So many hotels and apartments are now not giving the little toiletry bottles, and some of the accommodations charge crazy prices if you ask to have them.

I have both a tiny shampoo bottle that I’ve been refilling for like 5 years now, and a few sets of different types of travel size containers where I put whatever I’ll need. Very rarely do I like hotel toiletries, and the containers are great for things like clothes washing liquids, too.

If you’re close to the person that you’re searching the best travel stocking stuffers for, you can even give them a travel-sized deodorant.

travel sized deodorants from wild

We have ones from Wild cosmetics, and they’re the size of a lip balm. Perfect for travelling.

Some options:

10. Hand cream

small hand creams for travel stocking stuffers

All this hand washing and cleaning makes the hands dry.

Well, not only washing, but the dry air in the airplanes as well.

The small, travel-sized packages of hand creams make perfect stocking stuffers for travellers, as they are useful and small enough to be able to put in a tiny purse.

I personally love this L’Occitane almond cream and always have it with me when going somewhere.

Some options:

11. Sanitizing wipes

Speaking of hotels, airplanes, and other public things, they are not only light but quite often they are dirty and full of germs.

To avoid sniffles and things more serious, it’s quite a good idea to wipe surfaces before using them.

There are many different kinds of sanitizing wipes available, obviously, and some even have travel-themed packaging.

Some options:

12. Travel soap

This is an interesting small travel gift that I came across while researching the best sanitizing wipes.

Turns out, it’s possible to buy paper soap sheets and even your own travel-sized soap dispensers!

Considering how many bathrooms often don’t have soap, this is an incredible thing that I would definitely be happy to have as one of my travel stocking stuffers!

Some options:

13. Eye mask

Another one many travellers struggle without.

If your giftee struggles to sleep if it’s not dark-dark in the room, they might really benefit from an eye mask. Hotels, airplanes, even buses – these places rarely have proper darkness, and we all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, especially during a vacation!

Eye masks come in many cute shapes and with many cute patterns, so there’s something for everyone available. And, as proper travel stocking stuffers should be, they are small.

I have some masks from airlines like Lufthansa and Condor, and there have been quite a few times when I’ve been thankful to have them.

Some options:

14. Keychain

key chains saying sievina virins

One of the most popular small travel gifts out there, but I still find it very cute and thoughtful.

We always have keys with us wherever we go, right? So a keychain will always remind the traveller in your life of you.

We have wooden ones – one says “Wifey” and the other – “hubby”. I find them cute, haha.

Some options:

15. Travel-themed jewellery

There are travel-themed necklaces, bracelets, charm bracelets, rings, well, pretty much everything available.

Well, a necklace without packaging might not be up there with the best stocking stuffer gift ideas, so make sure to get some little baggy to put it in, haha.

Otherwise, for people who love wearing jewellery, something small that reminds them of a thing they love to do is kind of a romantic travel gift, isn’t it?

Some options:

16. A hairbrush

tangle teezer hairbrush perfect for travelling

This might seem like kind of a weird one, but I still think it’s one of the more useful travel stocking stuffers.

A hairbrush, especially if your giftee has longer hair, is one of those things that we always have to pack with us. So why not make it a better experience by having a convenient-for-travel hairbrush?

I have a Tangle Teezer which has a cover over the bristles, so first, it doesn’t get caught on anything, and second, the bristles are protected. It’s small in size which makes it perfect for travelling!

Some options:

17. Kindle gift card

having food on the plane

If you know that the traveller loves to read, you can go more personal with the gift card and give them… emm… kind of books.

With a Kindle gift card, they have a huge number of books to choose from.

If they don’t own a Kindle, the gift card can be a little hint for what’s awaiting your giftee under the Christmas tree, hehe.

The best-rated Kindles, for now, are Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis. They make great gifts for travellers who love reading, as the device, unlike books, is small, light, and waterproof. And the gift card makes a great travel stocking stuffer – it’s like gifting books, but easier.

Just like with the general Amazon gift cards, you can get both an e-card and an actual card in different amounts and designs.

18. Audible as a gift

Similar to a Kindle in a way, as it’s reading books without actual books, Audible is a place where you can get audiobooks.

This is one of the best travel stocking stuffers for travelers like me who like reading books but suffer from motion sickness. Just put in headphones and listen to the book instead!

It’s possible to gift 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month memberships that include 1 credit a month (a book they can keep forever), plus a Plus catalogue, including thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals. Existing members will receive the credits instead.

19. Tinggly gift card

If none of the previous gift cards seem like the ones for you, there’s a very unique option available!

You can get a Tinggly gift card. They offer Gift Boxes with experiences all over the world!

You choose the box that’s in your budget, and the traveller can choose the experience they’d like, when they want to do it, and where!

Of course, this is more expensive than your typical travel stocking stuffers, but, if you decide to go for, let’s say, a “Stylish French escape” gift box, the gift under the tree can be a beret. Cute, right?

Get a romantic getaway for two, and it already becomes a romantic travel gift!

Last few words about travel stocking stuffers

So, these are my travel stocking stuffer ideas.

What do you think?

I’m pretty sure that your favourite travellers would be happy to get any of them. Well, I definitely would!

Add some gingerbreads and mandarins, and your stocking stuffer is ready!

What’s the favourite stocking stuffer you’ve ever received?

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