grand canal in venice italy with rialto bridge and a gondola

Venice in April – things to do and itinerary, in pictures

We’ve visited Venice multiple times, and my favourite was definitely the time we visited Venice in April.

It’s just such a good time – the weather is nice enough for exploring, the crowds are still small, and the prices – not that high. So if you’re wondering if it’s a good time to visit, then yes, it is.

That’s why for a bit of inspiration, I’m giving you a photo diary from our trip to Venice in April.

The pictures in this article are not exactly in the order of our 2 day Venice itinerary if you’re wondering, because we arrived just after lunchtime on the first day and my painful period made some corrections as well. Plus, we were really taking our time exploring things. Of course, if it’s possible for you, it’s always a good idea to explore for longer! But really, we spent hours walking around the neighbourhoods and looking at sunsets.

Anyways, you can easily follow this “Venice in April” itinerary or the other one which is good for every season, they both cover the same spots.

For good measure, I’m gonna give you some specific information that you should know about visiting Venice in April in this article, with links to the respective articles that contain the information.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase anything via them, we might earn a small commission – at no extra cost to you. Check our affiliate disclaimer for more information.

Venice in April – the first day

a silly couple in venice italy
Hello Venice – a selfie sent to my parents, haha

We arrived by our car at the Marco Polo parking near Venice airport and took the bus (the stop is nearby) to the bus station on Piazzale Roma.

Since our hotel was in the San Marco area (Hotel Noemi), we decided to take the Vaporetto to the Rialto vaporetto stop – that’s faster than walking.

accademia bridge in venice italy as seen from a vaporetto
Accademia bridge from the vaporetto

And a vaporetto ride is actually a great way how to have the first introduction to Venice, especially if your hotel is somewhere further away.

rialto bridge, vaporetto and a gondola on canal grande in venice italy

A Vaporetto that goes on the Canal Grande goes under the Rialto and Accademia bridges, and towards the Santa Maria della Salute church. And since the weather in Venice is pretty mild, you don’t have to hide in the covered areas and can take your first pictures of Venice.

Weather in Venice in April

selfie in castello in venice italy
Wandering around Castello neighbourhood on the 2nd day

The weather in Venice in April is just getting nice and warm after the winter.

According to different weather tracking websites, it ranges from approximately 8C lows (46.5F) to 16C highs (61F) degrees. When we visited Venice in the beginning of April, this proved to be pretty much true.

There’s lots of sun already – 13 hours a day, to be exact.

And as opposed to visiting in summer or winter, the weather is nice and mild. That means you don’t have to worry about being all sweaty or avoiding the very strong sun that Venice has in summer. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about all of the cold winter clothes that you’d have to take off and carry when visiting Venice in winter.

A comparable month to visit would be sometime in October, though, if you can’t make it to Venice in spring.

a couple's selfie on the san marco's square in venice with the basilica san marco in the background

After checking in at the hotel, leaving our luggage, and relaxing a bit, we went to San Marco’s square. We explored it for more than an hour, checking out the details of the basilica, the fancy lanterns, and, of course, the numerous pigeons, haha.

details of basilica san marco in venice in april italy
a lantern next to the doge's palace in venice

But since it was coming close to 6pm already and Michal wanted to explore some possible spots for sunrise photography, we moved on.

view of san giorgio maggiore church with gondolas in the foreground - image taken next to one of the best places to stay in Venice, the st regis Venice

First stop? Riva degli Schiavoni, more precisely, just by the Doge’s Palace and Collona di San Marco by the Canal side.

This place gives you an incredible view of the San Giorgio Maggiore church with the gondolas parked just there.

Gondolas and Rialto bridge in Venice Italy

Then we continued on towards Rialto bridge, stopping just by Palazzo Grimani – there are some piers where you can have a magnificent view of the Rialto bridge.

a group of people riding a gondola on the grand canal in venice italy during sunset

One of the most romantic things to do in Venice is a sunset gondola ride – there are many different kinds available.

And, since it was pretty much sunset already, we had to hurry to the Ponte di Rialto itself to secure a good spot for photography.

View of the Grand Canal in Venice from the Rialto bridge at night

After sunset and putting the photography equipment down, it’s time for dinner! Yes, dinner in Venice and the rest of Italy is quite late. Honestly, in less touristy places, it might be hard to find a restaurant that is open before 7pm!

having spaghetti onw of them nero di seppia in venice

What to wear in Venice in April

two people on the rialto bridge in Venice

As for what to wear in Venice in April, I’d suggest layers. It’s spring, so you know, at one moment, it can be nice and warm, and at another, a cold breeze comes that almost freezes you to the bone.

As you can see, I’m wearing a nice spring/winter coat and a scarf. Under that is a jacket and a shirt or a light sweater. On the other hand, when it was warmer, a thin undershirt and a button-up shirt was enough.

For Michal, he had a t-shirt and a spring jacket. He’s always feeling warmer than I am, haha.

So the packing list for Venice in April would look something like this:


  • T-shirt
  • Sweater or shirt
  • Cardigan/light jacket
  • Spring/autumn coat
  • Jeans/pants
  • Closed toe shoes


  • Scarf (I usually have a shall wrap)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Small bag

Just remember, backpacks are not allowed in the interior of different places, such as Basilica San Marco or Ducale palace, so have a small bag (camera bag, for example) with you.

Make sure to double check the forecasted weather in Venice before packing!

All of the other items that you need to pack for Venice you can find on our Venice packing list.

Second day of Venice in April

a sunrise on san marco's square in venice italy

If you’re an early riser, Venice in April is perfect for sunrise photography! Or, you know, just enjoying a sunrise.

Basilica Santa Maria della Salute from the st regis hotel in Venice italy

There are many great spots for that and some of them we checked already the evening before, such as Riva degli Schiavoni and the Palazzo Grimani. Then again, just anywhere in Venice is beautiful for sunrise.

After breakfast, both of us took a walk through the San Marco and Castello neighbourhoods towards the Fondamente Nove A (F.te Nove A).

ponte dei sospiri in venice
Bridge of Sighs

Some interesting views in the San Marco neighbourhood include the Doge’s palace and the Bridge of Sighs.

a gondola riding by the Doge's palace in venice italy

How busy is Venice in April?

April in Venice is just the time when the number of visitors starts growing.

It’s not busy-busy yet for Venice standards, though. That means – you will most definitely not be alone, but it will not be too crowded. Some restaurants might require reservations, but many will not yet. Hotels don’t have the high prices yet, but they are already rising in preparation for the season.

But the best thing about April in Venice is definitely the weather, as I said before.

fondamente dei felzi in venice italy

On the way from the vaporetto, pay attention to the different views of Venice. They are quite unique, like this “Floating house”, for example.

It’s located in Venice’s Castello neighbourhood, which is actually one of the best areas to stay in Venice. It’s quite close to San Marco but more authentic.

Venice italy visible from a vaporetto on the way to Burano

But now, it’s time to go to the colourful Burano!

burano near venice italy seen from a vaporetto

In Burano, we enjoyed our time walking around and exploring the different streets and canals. The houses are really cute!

selfie next to a canal in burano near venice italy

And you can try one of the restaurants out as well. They have quite good fish food on the island of Burano.

dandelions and colourful houses in Burano near Venice italy - some spring flowers are in bloom already in venice in april

Since April is quite warm already, we enjoyed some of the spring flowers blooming.

a street in burano near venice in italy

After coming back from Burano, we went to the Accademia bridge to enjoy the view a bit and continued on to the Rialto bridge for sunset. And then, of course, the dinner.

Our third day visiting Venice in April

Just like the second day, Michal started our third day in Venice with some sunrise photography. That man is able to get up early if he wants to! I admire him really!

View from the Accademia bridge during sunrise with basilica Santa Maria Della Salute in the background
Sunrise day 3

He got some incredible views from the Accademia bridge

Sunrise from the accademia bridge in Venice italy

And some smaller canals in the San Marco neighbourhood as well.

a bridge, canals, and bell tower during sunrise in venice italy

After breakfast, we went to do one of my favourite things in Venice – we went up on San Marco’s bell tower.

a couple's selfie on a bell tower in Venice San Marco's square with a sea and orange roofs in the background

I definitely recommend going up if the weather is nice, as you can see so many things.

Of course, there are the orange roofs of Venice.

view from campanile san marco - not what to do in Venice when it rains

And you can easily see the neighbourhood of Dorsoduro and the island of Giudecca.

giudecca and dorsoduro areas in venice italy as seen from the san marco's bell tower

The island of San Giorgio Maggiore

view of san giorgio maggiore island from the san marco bell tower in venice italy

And so much more.

If you’re up on the tower when the bells ring, know that it’s LOUD. It’s probably not the best to be up if you’re sensitive to noises.

Does it rain in Venice in April? Or does Venice flood in April?

Of course, it can rain in Venice in April. Generally, it rains for approximately 7 to 12 days in April according to different sources. So although the chance of rain is quite small, be sure to pack some waterproof things.

As for the flood, it’s not just rain that makes the acqua alta. And anyways, although the flood season is from end of September until April, the main months when the flood generally happens are from October to January. April, so, is rather safe.

If it does rain, though, there are still quite a few things that you can do.

After the bell tower, we went inside Basilica San Marco. It’s definitely an interesting thing as well. The basilica is gorgeous!

inside basilica san marco in venice italy

And then we went on exploring the neighbourhood of Dorsoduro a bit as well. Definitely do it if you have time! There are many cafés on the side of different little canals where to enjoy a snack with a view, as well as a ton of gorgeous squares and churches.

First you need to cross the Rialto bridge. As you can see, it’s a completely clear day – like many in April in Venice.

view from rialto bridge in venice italy

And then we went on to explore the little canals in Dorsoduro.

a canal with boats and colorful houses in the dorsoduro neighbourhood in venice italy

And gardens, by the way!

a garden in venice with a lot of pidgeons

In case you didn’t know, Venice has a ton of gardens. And if you’re looking for something more unique to see and do in Venice, definitely check some of them out.

Of course, they’re not as gorgeous at the beginning of April as they would be at the end of May or even in the summer, but still, they are worth seeing.

having cicchetti and spritz in venice during our 2 days in venice

We finished the night with some Cicchetti and spritz, which should definitely be on your Venice food bucket list.

Last day in Venice in April

And, just like all the previous mornings, while I was still watching some dreams, Michal went to enjoy Venice without people.

rialto bridge in venice italy as seen by night

He captured this gorgeous image of the Rialto bridge that morning.

The view from the bridge looked quite moody.

View from Rialto bridge after sunrise in Venice italy

What to do in Venice in April?

As I said before, you can easily follow this same itinerary if you plan to visit Venice in April.

But, if you have four or even three days of exploring and want to do less wandering around than we did, I have some lists for you.

There are the

Hope they help!

For our last activity in Venice, we visited the Rialto fish market.

fish and seafood in the rialto fish market, venice, italy

Although it might seem weird to some people to go to a market during a trip, it definitely is worth it!

There are so many interesting things to see there. Everything from fish to [live] seafood, to fruit and veggies, and so on. Definitely quite special.

And with that, we had to say “Bye, Venice!” and we’ll be back. And we did visit once more – in November. Article incoming 😊

toddler in venice

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